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Seeking inspiration or practical solutions in manufacturing? Southcut may just offer the resources you need. Here you might find new perspectives, concepts, and insights to improve leadership skills and assist you in meeting your manufacturing goals.

Long, difficult journeys often require a Sherpa to guide, encourage and advise the expedition. The resources offered here at Southcut can play a similar role by providing both technical and cultural guidance to assist your continuous improvement efforts.

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Southcut is hub of thoughts, opinions, and ideas. It's advice for leaders and small businesses, and a starting point for anyone launching a lean transformation journey.

  • Southcut Blogs (below): Thought-provoking, 3-minute (or less) reads on leadership and manufacturing.

  • Southcut YouTube Shorts: Leadership one-liners for motivation and inspiration.

  • LEANpronto.com: Lean start-up tools and tips. In English and Spanish. Coming in 2025!

  • The7thWhy.com: Book and interactive website coming in 2027!